Klövervallen Preschool in Malmö

Klövervallen Preschool in Malmö

With a focus on the children’s perspective, high sustainability goals and great care for details and the outdoor environment, our ambition is for Klövervallen’s preschool to contribute to bringing the vision of “a dense, green and functionally mixed neighbourhood” for Rosengård to life.

Pilot project in terms of climate and cost-effective construction

Klövervallen preschool, located in Rosengård, Malmö is a building with four departments for 68 children. On behalf of Stadsfastigheter, we are designing an extension to increase the number of preschoolers to 148.

The project is a pilot project in terms of climate and cost-effective construction with the aim of minimising the building’s climate footprint and creating an attractive living environment with resource-smart solutions.

Client: Stadsfastigheter
Place: Malmö, Sweden
Status: Ongoing project (start 2021)
Size/area: 1459 sqm
Images: White Arkitekter

Children's needs and the climate at the centre of Klövervallen's preschool expansion and renovation project

Reuse and photovoltaics contributes to climate change mitigation

To achieve this, we have chosen to build the extension with a wooden frame that binds carbon dioxide and recycled bricks as the main facade material. Great emphasis has been placed on reuse and preserving the values of the existing preschool. With photovoltaics placed in an optimal position, renewable solar electricity is produced and contributes to climate change mitigation.

The new premises and courtyard have been designed to promote interaction between the existing and new departments, as well as between the preschool and the surrounding community.

The building concept for Klövervallen is based on a well-designed placement that activates all parts of the preschool yard, maximises green views, takes advantage of the qualities of the different directions, and creates a logical and clear division between the different functions of the preschool.

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