Katsan — White Arkitekter

Katsan — White Arkitekter

Welcome to Katsan; White’s office in Stockholm. The office is home to over 300 employees in an award winning, adaptable, and exceptionally low energy workplace environment. Acting as client and architect, the office was the perfect testbed for experimental, research-led design and engineering.

A testbed for experimentation

Sandwiched between Hammarby Sjöstad and Södra Skanstull, the urban landscape is spectacular; the Skanstull bridges extend over the site and together with the Hammarby locks, form the backdrop to the building.

Katsan has an uncomplicated external form; a long, narrow, rectangular glass box that reflects Hammarby Sjöstad. The building’s simple plan form is reminiscent of the structural regularity of dockland warehouses, providing a connection to the area’s industrial past however, the design was largely in response to a structural engineering innovation to reduce energy consumption where water from the canal is piped into the concrete floor slab to enhance cooling. As false ceilings would detract from the cooling effect inside, concrete soffits were left exposed.

Client: White Arkitekter
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Status: Completed 2003
Area: 6,752 sqm
Cost: 102 million SEK
Awards: 2005 EU Mies Award nomination, 2004 Svensk Betong Arkitekturpris, 2003 Kasper Salinpriset
Environmental certification: Miljöbyggnad Guld
Visuals: Anders Bobert, Thomas Zaar, Åke E:son Lindman

Experimental, contextual and energy-efficient workplace design

The magnificent views outwards and the open spaces of the interiors are the motivation behind the generous glass façades. Areas of open-plan workspaces face the water, while smaller offices and meeting rooms face the steep bank leading up to the bridges. The untreated timber panelling of these smaller spaces adds warmth and intimacy, contrasting with the coolness and rigour of the steel and glass. Despite large floor plates, exposed concrete and large open-plan areas, walking into Katsan is like walking into a library. Rows of desks are broken up by soft furnishings, small seating areas, high teamwork tables and plenty of shelving and screens to absorb noise and create areas for privacy.

This is an honest building; natural exposed materials and clearly presented technical and mechanical systems are accompanied by precise detailing.
Linda Mattsson, Lead Architect

In addition to main circulation, a narrow feature staircase encourages chance encounters between staff.

A pedestrian skybridge connects Katsan’s main entrance to Skansbron, three storeys above the canalside.

Even with extensive glazing, exceptionally high environmental standards have been achieved – energy use is approximately 85 kwh/m²/year. Climate is controlled through the thermal mass of the concrete structure; keeping the office cool in the summer and retaining warmth in the colder months. Smart technologies complement the passive design solutions to achieve the ultimate in energy efficiency. Computer controlled sun-awnings respond to external light conditions to automatically provide shading, while solar panels on the roof terrace contribute to energy production on site.

Visit us!

Each year, White Arkitekter opens its doors to the public for a number of events; from in-house workshops and exhibitions, to Open House Stockholm. Keep an eye on our listings to find out when you can next experience Katsan for yourself.

The floor-to-ceiling glass doors of the sixth floor canteen lead out towards the roof terrace; the social heart of the building. Planted with a variety of herbs and vegetables, as well as ornamental climbers, shrubs and flowers, the terrace is designed for enjoyment and relaxation. Employees and visitors can enjoy lunch outdoors in the warmer months, as well as make the most of the Nordic light in deckchairs all year round. Offering stunning canal and city views, the terrace sets the scene for activities like staff parties and client entertainment, to group yoga and individual reflection. For the eternally young at heart, playing on the rope swings injects some light-hearted fun into the working day.


The terrace is home to White’s smallest employees; a swarm of caretakers for the roof gardens, and the proud makers of White Arkitekter honey.

Since inception, Katsan’s design has allowed functions within to evolve in tandem with changing business needs, working methodologies and new technologies. For example, a fully-equipped model shop grew over the years to accommodate the core of the fourth floor south wing, while a virtual / augmented reality lab recently developed across a corner of the second floor. Specifically designed for flexibility in use, Katsan’s adaptive capacities ensures that the building remains relevant for decades to come.

Contact & Team

Linda Mattsson

Linda Mattsson

Architect, Office management

+46 703 34 97 89

Bengt Svensson

Ansvarig arkitekt

Per Wikfeldt

Marja Lundgren

Marie Hult

Mikael Sewon

Kjell Jensfeldt

Charlotta Holmgren

Anders Johansson

Åke Wilén

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