Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge

Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge

All people are entitled to good health and access to high-quality healthcare. In the new surgery and intervention building at the Karolinska Huddinge Hospital, we go one step further and suggest that attractive healing environments provide the right framework for better care. Especially in highly technical environments which place high demands on hygiene and cleanliness.

Advanced treatment environments

With the arrival of O-huset (formerly project CHOPIN), Karolinska Huddinge welcomes 29,000 square metres of 23 new operating theatres, eight new intervention rooms and a new X-ray imaging department. The building is located in an attractive southerly location facing the park and also houses a brand new sterilisation unit. Additionally, the project encompasses an 8000 square metre redevelopment of the existing hospital for Pre/Post-Operative Care.

Bringing these disciplines closer together means new possibilities and increased safety both for patients and personnel alike. Moreover, new technologies and more efficient logistics allow for a better level of care than what is offered today.

Location: Huddinge, Sweden
Property developer/owner: Locum, Stockholm County Council property department
Tenant: Karolinska University Hospital
Size: 30,000 sqm new extension
Certification: Miljöbyggnad Guld (Sweden Green Building Council)
Project start/end: 2014-2019
Cost: approx. 1.3 million SEK
Awards: The Swedish Healthcare Building Award 2021 – category large healthcare building projects
Photo: Anders Bobert

The new project will represent one of Sweden’s largest comprehensive surgery- and intervention unit, planned and equipped to support the latest knowledge according advanced treatment methods.

Letting light lead the way

The project’s design has placed great focus on its environment – a crucial aspect when it comes to attracting motivated and competent staff. The building is calm, tranquil, welcoming and steeped in professionalism. The latest research into environmental psychology shows that well-being increases and stress levels subside when environments are developed with regard to good lighting conditions, the visibility of green spaces, purposeful furnishings and the presence of art. The colour and material profile figures as a guiding hand for the various different departments. The colours are inspired by the changing seasons of nature in an interplay with natural materials that age with dignity such as wood, stone and concrete.

Visible architecture in dialogue with history

The architectural design builds on the rational, archetypical 70s structure of Huddinge Hospital through a well-considered and general modular design that simplifies the redevelopment process. The new building’s height system was chosen so as to connect the floors with the original hospital where critical flows need to be prioritised. The new concrete façade reflects the original but with one key addition – visibility. The soft relief façde is reminiscent of waves on the beach, broken by generous windows which provide all care environments with floods of invigorating daylight.

Material and colours from the nature

Artistic exploration of colour plays a significant role in the hospital interior; but beyond pure aesthetics, the contrasting colour concept is used as an orientation point. Ease of orientation and good acoustics are additional aspects which help to counteract burn-out and sick leave in this type of challenging and physically demanding work environment. Lift shafts and stairwells offer views out over the park and feature warm wooden components and elements of art which stimulate the mind and introduce a poetic dimension. The corridors offer views of the atrium and surrounding natural landscapes. All staff areas such as the staff cafeteria look out over the park – completely in line with the latest evidence-based research into healthcare architecture.

A human focus characterizes the inner environment. It will be calm, safe and welcoming, all built on a foundation of professional care.

A long-term and sustainable commitment

White has been the lead architectural firm on this project right from feasibility study through to finished structure. The project has been characterised by an enormous degree of commitment both from the hospital itself and from those involved in construction. Modern design technologies (BIM/Revit) enabled both 3D visualisations and time-efficient follow-up on site. The building has been awarded Gold Certification from the Swedish Green Building Council. Another exceptional detail about the project is that it was delivered under budget and on time – even despite its enormous complexity.

All details are designed to minimize the spread of infection. An environmentally friendly door handle that can be opened with the elbow. Developed by the White Research Foundation ARQ.

Healthcare in Region Stockholm

Stockholm County is one of Europe’s fastest growing metropolitan areas. In order to meet the care needs of its citizens both today and in the future, Region Stockholm is investing in one of the biggest initiatives ever undertaken within the world of healthcare. It is an initiative that shall result in more care, better facilities and new working methods. The redevelopment and extension of the county’s hospitals is to constitute a central and important element of this initiative. By constructing new buildings full of modern facilities, introducing new technologies and modernising existing buildings, the county shall increase its capacity to provide care and enable its employees to work in new ways. O-huset at Karolinska Huddinge is a part of this initiative.

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Contact & Team

Charlotte Ruben

Charlotte Ruben


+46 703 24 20 05

Caroline Varnauskas

Lead Architect

Charlotte Ruben

Lead Program Architect

Kristjan Baldvinsson

Lead Constructional Engineer

Malin Alenius

Anna Bernmark

Helen Biddle

Noor Ismail

Ellen Lock

Vladimir Ondejcik

Jörgen Pell

Anna Röjdeby

Annie Söder

Renato Adriasola Skogsvold

Taku Ala-Hakula

Daniel Andersson

Mehdi Bahrami

Fredrik Borgström

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Martin Eriksson

Helena Hirvonen

Cathrine Hugosson

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Luc Vreugdenhill

Dominic Wach

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