Framtidens ÅVC – Future Recycling Centre

Framtidens ÅVC – Future Recycling Centre

In 2013, Swedish households disposed 2 million tonnes of waste; almost 200 kg person person. Only a fraction of this was recycled. If a recycling centre was more of a neighbourhood creative workshop, rather than just a dumping ground, would that inspire people to reuse and recycle more?

Reduce, re-use, recycle... re-make!

Framtidens ÅVC is a test pilot running for five days in North Djurgården. It took the form of a mobile warehouse where materials are organised and sorted, but it was also a workshop for swapping, repairing and creating new products from old. People visiting the centre responded to a questionnaire, answering the question: What would motivate you to recycle more? Inspired by Candy Chang´s participatory public art projects, the participants were asked to share their thoughts on an ideas wall.

Client: City of Stockholm, Stockholm Vatten
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Status: Completed 2015, temporary exhibit
Visuals: Thomas Zaar

Framtidens ÅVC is a social meeting place where people can exchange, donate and make, as well as recycle. The aim is to make people think about other possibilities for discarded items.

At Framtidens ÅVC, 30% of the products found new owners, and a further 45% were passed on to aid agencies. In contrast, the recycling rate at a traditional centre is 2%. Proximity and the ability to leave all products in the same place was found to be critical factors in its success. This pilot enabled prototype development for similar multifunctional social hubs based on sharing economy principles; encouraging people to think creatively about consumption.

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