Curiosum, Umeå

Curiosum, Umeå

As a partner in Wisdome, a national investment in interactive, digital visualization of science, Umeå University needed a high-tech theater and a new science center. With a dome-shaped extension to a 110-year-old industrial building, a unique and dynamic exterior was created, which reflects the high-tech interior.

Just as the activities in the building cross borders, create collaboration and arouse curiosity, the exterior communicates exatly the same. It lets us guess what’s hiding in there. The building’s facade communicates the interior’s events and activities. The passer-by can never know if the building looks the same today as it did yesterday. The façade’s varying play of light and color arouses curiosity; what happens inside it?

The outer layer of the dome consists of 475 perforated, triangular aluminum cassettes. Through geometric shapes and angles, depths and shadows, the building acquires a changing character. The façade’s natural anodised aluminum captures and reflects the changing light and colors of the surroundings, the day and the year.

Property owner: Campus X
Tenant and user: Umeå University
Project management: Balticgruppen
Photo: Andreas Nilsson

If it's about outer space inside, the exterior can talk the same language.

The aluminum of the façade, with its raw, industrial character, connects the dome to the site’s history and the main building’s original use as a mechanical industry. The symmetries of the dome, the triangles and the façade perforations, relate to the repeated symmetry in the innermost heart of matter, to mathematics, technology and Västerbotten’s dark, star-shining winter sky. It reflects and informs about the building’s function as a science center with the task of increasing knowledge and interest in science and technology, especially among children and young people.

The aluminum cassettes can, when the time comes, be easily dismantled and reused and thus included in a circular material flow. Of course, they can also be recycled and continue their lives as other objects.

Contact & Team

Anna Hedlund

Anna Hedlund

Architect, Theme leader

+46 70 312 41 54

August Edwards

Lena Sylwan

Anna Zimdahl

Anton Magnusson

Lennart Sjögren

Mirja Westling

Andreas Milsta

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