Bee Connected

Bee Connected

Bees play a critical role in the ecosystem. As cities grow denser and bee populations decrease, it is of increasing importance to protect and nurture these hardworking natural caretakers. Bee Connected was a pop-up park at the 2016 Gothenburg Green World festival that celebrates their contribution to life as we know it.

The importance of green infrastructure

Research suggests that several bee species can thrive in urban environments to the same extent as agricultural landscapes and nature reserves. As urban densification increases and green space decreases, how can you reinforce green links to support ecosystem services?

One answer could come in the form of Pocket Parks. Bee Connected was a pop-up pocket park on Avenyn, comprising of different levels of hexagonal structures that act as planting vessels. They contain plants, water and materials that benefit bees and other insect pollinators. Each hexagonal prism represent city blocks; their green walls, roofs and courtyards illustrate how green infrastructure can be strengthened in the city.

Client: Chalmers School of Architecture, Mareld, White Arkitekter
Location: Göteborg, Sweden
Status: Completed 2016
Visuals: White Arkitekter

Insect pollination is what makes life on earth possible; bees in particular play a critical role.

The hexagonal ‘city blocks’ that double up as plant beds; filled with healthy treats to attract and nourish bees and other pollinating insects.

In the real world, measures like sedum roofs and green walls are a good start in strengthening pollinating insect species, but we know much less when it comes to how connections between different green areas work. SMoG, the spatial morphology group at Göteborg’s Chalmers University of Technology is conducting research into this area and developing a new method to improve green links and create more cohesive green structures to increase the chances of survival for bees and other insect pollinators in the city.

Contact & Team

Linda Ekman

Linda Ekman

Landscape architect, Head of Studio, Studio Manager

+46 721 73 30 90

Linda Ekman

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