Arthroplasty Clinic, Bromma Hospital

Arthroplasty Clinic, Bromma Hospital

With the opening of the new Arthroplasty Clinic, Bromma Hospital is developing a state-of-the-art surgical environment for hip and knee replacements. The new facility reflects the vision of a revitalised building for healthcare that creates added value to the urban environment and the visiting people.

The project is an excellent example of how a technically obsolete building can be reused and developed with a new-build quality, despite the tough conditions of the old structure from 1971. The new and more humanistic perspective is made visible through well studied functional and technical solutions. This, in combination with careful detailing, a well-coordinated color and interior design concept and art, creates a harmonious and cohesive environment.

With daylight, views of the lush surrounding, and attention to acoustics and lighting, a relaxing environment has been created for the benefit of visitors and staff alike.

Client: Vectura
Entrepreneur: Skanska
Tenant: Ledplastikcentrum
Place: Stockholm
Status: Completed 2022
Area: LOA 2300 SqM
Photo: Anders Bobert and Anna Irinarchos Wallin

Architecture with a particular focus on re-use has been an important tool when Bromma Hospital was adapted into an attractive and efficient care environment sustainable over time.

Classic and long-term sustainable architecture

Together with the client, we have developed an interior design concept based on classic materials and finishes, such as oak and light limestone, which interact with a mature colour concept on the walls and fixed furnishings. The client’s high ambitions are visible in details such as frosted, sliding wooden window screens, bathrooms with characteristic tiles and special attention concerning lighting and loose furnishings. The guiding principle has been classic elegance with a hotel feel

The facility includes three operating rooms, pre- and post-op and a dedicated sterile department and 26 fully equipped beds with overnight accommodation. Five consulting rooms are located close to the reception area and are reached without having to go in to the clinical operating and patient department. The reception overlooks the waiting room as well as the patient lounge. The administrative environments are strategically placed between reception, surgery, and supply management, promoting efficient working practices.

It has all the facilities a small hospital could possibly need.

Each operating room has its own preparation rooms for efficiency and patient security reasons. The sterile processing department is located directly adjacent to the operating department.

The post-op is located overlooking an inner courtyard. Staff are able to look out through generous windows onto the lush surroundings. The privacy screens have a sophisticated Japanese-inspired design that casts a soft light on the premises.

The patients lounge is placed in an open context close to the reception and administration rooms. An elegant color and material concept gives a pleasant impression.

Detail from artwork by Leif Engström is placed in the background of the post–op. The artwork greets the patient just before entering the operating department.

It has been a great collaboration between all the competences with focus on finding solutions. The work process has been intense, with all parties doing their utmost to come up with fine and appropriate solutions that meet all the requirements. The project has involved a total rebuild and we have succeeded in achieving the feeling of a new building. The design meets all the different requirements of today’s healthcare environments.
Katarina Nilsson, Administrative/Managing Architect

High-tech healthcare environments

Great emphasis has been placed on meeting all healthcare hygiene requirements and creating the right environments for professional use. The working methods of the surgical staff have been studied thoroughly, and the layout, rooms and furnishings have been adapted. Thanks to good cooperation with all parties involved, all installations have been accommodated despite the low ceiling heights.

The existing building provided the framework for the early sketches, which proved to match the needs and requirements of Ledplastikcentrum. It has been an exceptionally enjoyable process with high ambitions from both client and tenant where together we have created a healthcare environment that enhances both patient and staff wellbeing.
Charlotte Ruben, Lead Architect

The reuse process is implemented through White Arkitekter’s ReCapture service, which links a 3D scan of the building with the BIM model. This allowed us to, at an early stage, identify which qualities and materials that could be retained or reused. A process that encompasses the ongoing transformation of the entire Bromma Hospital. Bromma Hospital will be certified according to LEED Gold.

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Charlotte Ruben


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Charlotte Ruben

Lead Architect

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Managing Architect

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