White Uppsala moves into Sweden’s largest wooden office building

A new year and brand-new premises! Our Uppsala office is moving into the newly built Magasin X, Sweden’s largest wooden office building, designed by White. Extremely efficient energy systems and solutions such as facade-integrated solar cells that charge the building’s battery bank, makes the new premise an important part of the office’s ambitious sustainability goals.

In Magasin X, we have had the opportunity to develop Swedish timber construction in the long term. The building covers more than 16,000 square meters, making it Sweden’s largest office building with a structure built entirely out of wood, commissioned by Vasakronan. After two years of construction, Magasin X is completed and today we move in.

At the Uppsala office, we have had an internal goal for the workplace to achieve White's high sustainability ambitions. Magasin X's properties give us a whole new opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint. The new premises will be a very important step in the right direction.
Magdalena Koistinen, Office Director, White Uppsala

Magasin X is unique when it comes to sustainable design. The solid timber construction has a low carbon footprint. In addition to that, a range of innovative and efficient energy systems and solutions are integrated into the building. For example, geo-energy for heating and cooling, solar cells on the roof and facade to recharge the building’s reserve bank of energy in case of power outages. The building will be certified under the LEED environmental rating system.

Anders Tvärårna is the lead architect and has been working on Magasin X since the start of the first sketches.

Magasin X is the best building we have designed so far! Although, I hope and believe that we can soon reach even higher when it comes to sustainable buildings. Hence, Magasin X will be beat in the future, and we are very proud to take part in the development of sustainable construction.
Anders Tväråna, Lead Architect

The feeling of moving into the same building that he has been working on for years is special.

– I have been on-site almost every week for the past few months and held many study visits, but I haven’t gotten over fact that we are now moving in for real. It feels fantastic. Inviting employees and customers to a building with such high sustainability values makes us happy and proud, says Anders Tvärårna.

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Anders Tväråna

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