Hälsostaden Wins the 2020 Architectural Award of Ängelholm

The renewal of Hälsostaden, that we have realised on behalf of Hälsostaden Ängelholm AB, has been awarded the 2020 Architectural Award of Ängelholm. The jury highlights the broad register of architectural qualities; sense of material and form, views, variety and patterns.

The new modern healthcare building, including a new main entrance to the hospital, was completed in 2018 and awarded the Healthcare Building Award already in 2019. Ängelholm’s Architectural Award is thus the second award that Hälsostaden receives.

When the hospital in Ängelholm was to consolidate its operations, we were commissioned to develop a densification strategy. The older healthcare buildings are being rebuilt to modern standards and complemented with several new buildings. A new bridge over the Rönne river has significantly reduced the distance between the city center and the hospital district. Focus has been on creating a health-promoting and positive environment for patients and healthcare personnel.

It has been of a great importance that both patients, staff and visitors should be surrounded by pleasant settings.
Kjell Nyberg, Lead Architect at White Arkitekter

– The newly built healthcare building opens to the surrounding greenery and is located next to the promenade by the river. The environments invite both to activity and recovery. The greenery is also used in the interior with generous views, warm natural colors and light woods, says Kjell Nyberg.

The 2020 Architectural Award of Ängelholm municipality is an award where the public had the opportunity to nominate their architectural favorites in the city. A jury has since selected a winner. The jury consist of the Chairman of the Committee of Urban Design, Political Representative and Town Architect amongst others.

We are very delighted to receive this award. It proves that we have succeeded in what we always strive for, to create a modern hospital where sustainability and human well-being are in focus.
Kjell Nyberg, Lead Architect

Motivation of the jury:

” What characterises the project is the wide range of architectural qualities; sense of material and form, views, variety and patterns. Through skillful and empathetic design of the interface between existing hospital architecture, greenery of the Rönne river and the city’s central streets, beautiful and functional spaces are created with a focus on human well-being.”


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