As our numbers grow, the city becomes more important. Social meetings, the exchange of goods and services, creativity and opportunity.

In the face of an increasingly urbanised world and ever greater climate challenges, the city must give space to many while simultaneously managing to bring us together.

Democratic urban design is about creating inclusive environments with few barriers while simultaneously preserving the unique character of a space. With a norm-creative eye, we identify and build upon what is already there to mould urban environments that are inter-connected, functional, interesting and secure. Environments which hold differences and diversity, where urban life and urban form work in support of one another.

The shared environment must be our starting point for all urban development. We need to create parks, squares and streets that can meet the needs of real people and inspire us to meet and engage. By integrating blue and green infrastructure, and by strengthening the links between different zones, we can build nurturing, sustainable environments that can live and grow over time.

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Anna Edblom

Anna Edblom

Architect, Development manager


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Services within Urban design

We offer a range of services within White and in all our areas of expertise. Here are some examples of how we create democratic and inclusive environments.

  • Concept development

    For us, the process begins in visions and values. A broad effort yields quality results. We work in pursuit of an integrated urbanisation, in close collaboration with local municipalities, stakeholders and anyone else with a role to play in developing the city.

    By engaging in constant creative development and carefully studying global developments, we can offer a process that brings project stakeholders together in an open and creative dialogue that will support the project and propel it forward.

  • Urban planning

    Our depth of experience means that we can quickly identify the questions that will lead us to a transparent and consistent planning process. Both in cities and in the country. Through dialogue, we can develop a smart and integrated planning process that will yield the best results for each specific project – no matter whether we’re working on development plans, design programmes or planning programmes. Broad participation in societal development is what generates trust and understanding in urban development. Together with you, we all become stronger.

  • Dialogue and analysis

    The many aspects of digitisation affect and will continue to affect both the built environment and the processes through which it is created. A smart city listens to its inhabitants. Participation is key when urban development increasingly occurs within the realms of what is already built, exerting a direct impact on neighbours and other residents. Many of our assignments are about facilitating the urban design process for our customers. Leading and creating analyses of place, structure, social phenomenon and trends, and deploying the answers in each respective project. This gives you the reasoning to more easily explain and describe what is needed for the potential of a growing city to support climate-smart development.


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