Project Management

As the development of our built environments becomes all the more complex, truly sharp and skilled project management becomes more and more necessary. Construction is a process. It starts with your vision. By asking the right questions, we can define a common objective and create the right foundation for solutions that are sustainable, both now and in the future.

As project managers, we closely manage scope, time and budget throughout the entire process, always based on what is right for you and your project. By placing a clear focus on your business, we create the optimum conditions for sustainable architecture of the highest quality, using methods that generate engagement and inspire trust in the project at hand.

Through open dialogue and continuous follow-up, we ensure that your project is developed in a cost-effective and technically correct fashion. We put together a project organisation comprised of actors that we appoint together. And we are with you every step of the way. We lead projects and processes, primarily construction and civil engineering projects at all stages, but also processes within real estate and infrastructure. We can even take care of work environment planning/design work and perform official inspections under the Swedish Planning & Building Act.

White’s project managers are based in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Uppsala and Linköping. We work locally and nationally as well as internationally. In order to improve our process, we also run our own research projects and participate in various development initiatives. Our collective expertise and broad experience mean you can rest assured we will take good care of you – all the way through to the finish.

Sustainable Project Management

Our strength lies in our multi-disciplinary team and our sustainable business model. The fact we can offer quite so many services within architecture, project management and sustainability makes us unique. It also puts us in prime position to give our customers the best possible advice. As project managers, we understand the value of sustainable architecture – it is invaluable knowledge in our work to constantly become better advisors to our customers while simultaneously safeguarding core architectural principles across project development.

Design management

We lead the design work from an early stage up to contract procurement. As design manager, we are responsible for coordination, control and follow-up. We ensure that the various parts of the documents form a well-functioning whole and that the work is carried forward towards the client’s goals, within schedule and budget.


Our experienced calculations department can provide you with sure-fire decision-making materials at all stages, from concept to follow-up. Active cost management is a service we have developed over the years which consists in making continuous calculations throughout the entire duration of a project. By incorporating expert calculation skills into every stage of the project, we can ensure financial feasibility and even attain higher levels of quality within your predetermined cost constraints. The result is a more effective process that saves on valuable time and resources.

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