We know that light has a transcendent ability to create pleasant, functional and sustainable living environments that touches lives.

We keep sight of the human aspect in everything we do and our interdisciplinary approach ensures that projects achieve their full potential.

We plan lighting with consideration for what came before and what will come after. To us, sustainability is all about creating environments in which people can meet and enjoy wellbeing and a sense of security, all within our available resources. We do this with both natural and artificial lighting, but also when we work with darkness. By analysing, planning and designing the city based on the specific conditions of darkness and the inherent qualities of the night-time, we contribute to creating safe and inclusive cities that value their natural and cultural heritage and reduce negative climate impact.

As lighting designers, architects and sustainability specialists with a wealth of practical and research experience, we contribute to driving development. We have developed in-house, customised tools adapted to the various stages of the design process, so that we can make informed decisions in an efficient workflow.

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Clara Fraenkel

Clara Fraenkel

Lighting designer, Development manager


+46 8 402 25 70

Our Services within Lighting Design

We offer a range of services within White and in all our areas of expertise. Here are some examples of how we are driving the transition to a sustainable life by the power of light.

  • Urban Environment

    By carefully planning to ensure the availability of natural and artificial light in our towns and cities, we can make them live around the clock. This strategic urban planning improves the conditions for sustainable habitats in which light creates structure, context and attractiveness. We work with public and private-sector stakeholders to design long-term, sustainable lighting strategies for everything from residential courtyards to entire cities.

  • Architecture

    We offer specialist lighting competence throughout the construction process. The combination of natural and artificial light makes possible an architecture that is functional, sensual and sustainable over time. Our area of expertise extends to both interiors and outdoor projects of all sizes, in permanent or temporary constructions.

  • Product design

    Our own design history stretches back to 1988, since when we have brought a wide range of products to life, some of which are now design classics. These days we design luminaires for a number of leading manufacturers, as well as project-adapted luminaires to order. Our design process is all about asking the right questions and applying the right methods to achieve set goals in the best possible manner.


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