Our ambition is to give people green living spaces in densified areas, to inspire movement and well-being, to convey a sense of harmony and to help cities develop in an eco-friendly way.

We have dedicated decades to a landscape architecture which makes big cities people-friendly, small cities attractive, forgotten places worth discovering again and nature reserves accessible.

We do this by always putting user needs first, by forming spaces so that they appeal to many, and by basing all we do on facts and research. This helps us to create places which enrich and elevate both people and the planet.

Urbanisation means that our shared spaces get smaller and our need for nature gets bigger. That is why we need to create outdoor environments together with those who live nearby – who use these spaces to play, run and recover. The design of a space is central to how well it will function, how well loved it will become and how it will be used. We base all that we build on context and fact. Digital tools, spatial analyses and research into eco-system services and stormwater management allow us to craft user-friendly, relevant environments that are fit to withstand the challenges of climate change.

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Louise Didriksson

Louise Didriksson

Landscape architect, Development manager


+46 31 60 87 24

Our Landscaping Services

  • Urban Environment, Parks & Landscapes

    The more urban we become, the more we have a need for nature. And the more we grow, the smaller our shared spaces become. When it comes to urbanisation and climate change, we need to build with a far-sighted mind-set, to preserve our natural world and adapt to extreme weather while creating urban environments that bring harmony and well-being. Green lungs where we can energise ourselves, parks for play and activity, outdoor pools on a warm summer’s day, cycle lanes that can be used all year round and tree-lined promenades – all of these things are crucial for us urbanites to develop and grow together in the city

  • Spaces for Activity

    People in urban environments need access to parks, waterways and green spaces in order to thrive. They need to walk in the park, to run, to cycle, to stroll, to socialise and take a deep breath of fresh air. Because our shared spaces are often small and expected to service many needs, we really need to get a true sense of the areas where we work. We need to discover what people need and work together with residents to develop smart and attractive spaces to live in.

  • Eco-System Services

    Through eco-system services, we can spread knowledge and experience to support and inspire municipalities and companies in their development of climate-smart cities. We are driven forward by the power and beauty of the nature around us and we understand how a functioning eco-system can benefit people, nature and the interplay between them.


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