Digital design

Digital design is often about integrating analogue and digital approaches and continuously stretching the limits of what’s possible. It is through this that we can capture the broad power in society’s digitisation and directs it towards the development of high-quality, sustainable architecture with a strong identity – and with people in the centre.

Digital development is an important part of our work to create sustainable architecture and urban environments. We have been quick to introduce digital tools which support the design and planning process, and through our many years of experience within digital design, we can attain the values we strive towards in our society.

We develop, sell and deliver digital services and our employees possess competencies within a range of different areas, from computational design and BIM to visualisation and digital sustainability. Through close dialogue with our customers at the strategic level, in both the early stages and at the project management stage, we forge collaborations that yield better results and produce more innovative solutions.


Through strategic consultancy, we help to map out organisational needs and jointly identify strategies for digital information management. We take care of all life-cycle stages, from project development and design through to administration, making it easier to communicate, collaborate and do business using digital approaches and tools. We also offer analysis and consultancy services at the project level to assure the quality of processes and deliveries.

As BIM coordinators, we guarantee timely requirement specifications, sure-fire communication and complete transparency. We work with steadfastness, understanding and engagement. Through our support, communication is guided around concrete solutions to ensure that we are at all times talking about the same reality and heading in the right direction.

Computational design

Scripting, programming and data management provide new opportunities in the daily practice of the architect through the integrated design process we call computational design. We develop customized workflows for all stages of projects, from analyses and concept design to production and construction. We offer project management of digital development within the design process and can also help your organization with competence development and strategic guidance.

This field is under constant development, and at White this has been applied in a wide range of projects for over 10 years through the Dsearch team. We are also engaged in the development of internal tools and methods and conduct research in collaboration with external partners. Read more here.

Digital sustainability

We develop analyses, calculations and digital tools to create and evaluate different design solutions with respect to various sustainability aspects within each project. This allows us to compare alternative solutions in order to identify and support those proposals which will yield the best result. Regardless whether we are working to comply with building regulations or to tailor solutions for a cutting-edge project.

Our services cover aspects such as sunlight and daylight access, energy consumption, wind comfort, thermal comfort, microclimates, solar cells, climate impact and façade design. We have also developed inFORM – a package of simple digital tools that can be used by architects and other non-specialists alike. Here you can read more about Digital Sustainability.

White Recapture

White ReCapture makes it possible to assess the potential of re-use in a building in a time and cost-effective way. This is enabled using a combination of 3D scanning and expertise through which an inventory of materials is done and digitized. The digital model informs the project both of materials and parts that can be used in new production as well as in rebuilding projects. This has turned a previously complex and manual process, digital and transparent. The combination of digitalisation and specialist knowledge makes the service unique. Read more here.

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