Our vision is that by 2030 all our architecture will be climate neutral, through design excellence.

Our approach is characterised by civic engagement, social responsibility, active participation and a democratic outlook. These values also define our architecture and our way of working, and they permeate our design of living environments that enrich and affect.

Good architecture helps people grow. For us, architecture is about creating long-term value. Buildings for different functions; environments where people can thrive; parks that leave space for nature and beauty that strengthens our identity.

We work with sustainable architecture, design and urban development in an international context. Our architecture is characterised by artistry and playful experimentation, and by an innovative and transboundary approach. We are continuously developing our processes in order to benefit from the breadth of our network, and we approach our customers with forward-looking solutions. We believe that good architecture is always something which emerges out from the unique conditions of each and every space.

We are all faced with the same challenges when it comes to our changing climate and the earth’s dwindling resources. Leading change is not a responsibility that we take lightly. And with curiosity as our driving force, we explore all that is possible but seldom considered. Together with customers and users, colleagues and partners, we ask the questions that lead to answers which last, not just today but tomorrow as well.

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Alexandra Hagen

Alexandra Hagen

Architect, CEO


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Our Architecture services

We offer a wide range of services within White and in all our areas of expertise. Here are some examples of the areas we operate in when creating sustainable architecture.

  • Housing for All

    Our homes are our lives, our security and our everyday world. Everyone deserves a home, but to make this possible we must begin by meeting the needs of people. Creating somebody’s home – their place of safety and refuge – is something that depends on dialogue. Through different housing solutions for different economies in the same area, we can enable people to get a foot on the property ladder, to move home or to stay put where they are.

  • Sustainable Cities

    Overcoming future challenges will require denser cities, where different districts can interconnect and the boundaries between centre and suburb will become more diffuse. By densifying and building residential areas next to existing districts and societies, we can integrate the old with the new. We introduce new flows and community services which benefit both parts and provide them with the best possibilities to grow together.

  • Desirable workplaces

    In order to meet new demands on our workplaces, we need new ways of thinking. Fast changes place lofty demands on flexibility while the buildings and environments we create must retain specific qualities which will allow them to be appreciated both now and in the future. Our specialists see the bigger picture and create innovative and sustainable solutions, both when designing new-builds and when renovating existing properties. Environments which stand the test of time.

  • Healthcare Architecture

    For us, healthcare architecture is not primarily about creating environments for care, but environments that care for people. And which put health in a wider context. The goal is to generate value by putting people first through cost-effective architecture with health-promoting environments for all. We have ample experience in building for the healthcare sector; in finding innovative solutions and in prioritising that which will yield the greatest and most long-lasting value. We put our hearts into building spaces for health

  • Culture and Nature

    Designing a library, a concert hall or a museum building is about shaping a space for intense experiences. Buildings that can convey experiences on all planes while simultaneously creating active links between man and knowledge, nature and culture. After all, nature is so often the foundation for the things we do.

  • Live, Learn & Grow

    A good school is a safe place where young people can experience warmth, community, and the satisfaction of overcoming difficulties or discovering life-long pursuits. Intelligent architecture is a prerequisite for happy students and staff, and for excellent academic results. We also believe that school buildings can and should play a greater role as meeting places for knowledge, learning, culture and leisure in society. In close collaboration with clients and administrators, we create sustainable solutions of exceptional value.


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