New ways of working are putting new demands on the workplace – something that has accelerated as a result of the pandemic. That creates an opportunity for increased employer attractiveness, business development and a stronger brand.

As the line between work and home becomes more blurred and people have more freedom to work wherever they are, the workplace must be optimised to continue to have value.

We have developed two offers that can help you create a modern, safe and sustainable workplace that promotes health, work spirit, social interaction and contributes to business development with specialists in architecture, reuse, environmental psychology, health-oriented building planning, business development and hygiene.

Here, in consultation with company management, we discuss the functions that need to be prioritised at the office, as well as how to optimise the use of the premises in order to accommodate the new requirements and ways of working that have arisen.


What do we do?

  • Project meeting with company management on goals and vision: Where are you headed? How’s the organisation doing?
  • Strategic premises planning: What are your needs today and in five years’ time? How do we ensure the right flexibility?
  • Mapping of existing premises
  • Mapping of needs and limitations
  • Overview of existing furniture

 What do you get?

  • Brief description of the business and its needs
  • Proposals for quick, cost-effective measures to be taken at the premises over both the short and the long term, with an emphasis on reusing existing furniture
  • Zoning plan for existing premises

Cost: from SEK 85,000


Offer 2: Quick and flexible tenant adaptation through reuse

This offer is aimed at tenants and property owners who want a more comprehensive analysis and a concept for quickly and flexibly rearranging their premises through reuse. By reusing existing furniture and interiors when rearranging premises, it’s possible to cut lead times and costs while being mindful of the earth’s resources.


What do we do?

  • Project meeting with clients about goals and vision (Where is the organisation headed? Active business management)
  • Organisational and operational analysis by mapping users, behaviours, and needs
  • Strategic intelligence (interviews, workshops with management and employees, site visits)
  • Overview of existing furniture and interiors
  • Ensuring good acoustics, lighting, air, and ergonomics
  • Inventory of the office’s functions and zones

What do you get?

  • Organisational and operational analysis for rearranging the premises
  • Concept and identity
  • Floor plan (premises/function programme based on the needs of the business and the conditions of the premises)
  • Price indication for implementing the rearrangement

Cost: from SEK 140,000


If you have other ideas for rearranging your premises or have questions about the offers above, please contact us.


Our other two offers within Transform


Opportunities for companies to strengthen the business by way of increasing employees’ flexibility, efficiency, and well-being.

1. Strategically located office hubs
2. Optimised and strategically located office hubs
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We support property owners in identifying short- and long-term business development opportunities that also increases financial resilience.

1. Identify opportunities and potential in the property portfolio
2. Maximise the value and potential of the property portfolio
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