BIM from idea to transformation

White has a long track record of delivering digitalised building projects and processes. Our BIM services provide leading BIM expertise and solutions to the most complex challenges, to help you reduce waste, realise more business value and digitalise for the future.

We offer BIM Strategy and process management, BIM Coordination, Digital Twin Services and reality capture solutions that take the value of reality capture to the next level of business value and sustainability.

We bring a design thinking approach to deeply understand our clients and their problems, achieving better business outcomes and new opportunities

BIM Strategy for Projects

Our BIM Strategy services help you reap the benefits of digitalisation throughout the project lifecycle by applying a strategic approach to fulfilling needs and creating opportunities.

You can expect:
– A pre-study that points out the direction
– More efficient design process
– Faster construction with reduced level of risk
– Smoother handover to operations

BIM Coordination

Our BIM coordination services help you achieve desired project outcomes and avoid costly redesign, by improving collaboration and mitigating risk.

You can expect:
– Clash detection
– Digital process management
– Proven and flexible execution plan
– Visual collaboration (option)

Digital Twins

Our Digital Twin Services help you exploit the potential of digital twins to secure better returns on asset, by adopting a staged approach to digitalisation that delivers results at each stage, and drives better decision making.

You can expect:
– Reality Capture
– As-Built BIM
– Model integration
– Living models
– Simulations and analysis
– Strategy and platform advice

Reality Capture +

With our Reality Capture solutions, Reality Capture +, not only do you save time, avoid costly mistakes and rework by ensuring accurate information in your projects. They also help improve business outcomes, enable reduced climate impact and an accelerated digitalisation journey by combining digitalisation of buildings with domain expertise and analysis.

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ReCapture for Reuse

ReCapture for Reuse is a Reality Capture + solution that makes it easier to achieve desired portfolio and project sustainability goals by reuse of building parts and interiors at scale through digitalisation and state-of-the-art sustainability methodology and expertise. You also get digital representations of your buildings.

You can expect:
– 3D images and BIM models
– Inventory capture
– Sustainability expertise
– Value modelling
– Maintenance of digital twins (option)
– Portfolio management (option)

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White's digitalisation services

Digitalisation and sustainability are cornerstones of the paradigm shift that our societies are immersed in. This shift is transforming the construction and property industry from the bottom up. Our digitalisation services help organisations that create and maintain built environments, realise sustainable results in projects and overall business through digitalisation, design and data.

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