Digitalisation for Sustainable Built Environments

Digitalisation and sustainability are cornerstones of the paradigm shift that our societies are immersed in. This shift is transforming the construction and property industry from the bottom up. We help organisations that create and maintain built environments realise sustainable results in projects and overall business through digitalisation, design and data.

Together with an ecosystem of strong partners, we deliver expertise and solutions, creating value across the lifecycle, from idea to transformation with a human-centred approach

Better business outcomes and new opportunities

We bring a design thinking approach to deeply understand our clients and their problems, achieving better business outcomes and new opportunities. To overcome the complex challenges of the built environment today for a sustainable tomorrow, we form agile teams together with our clients, with experienced computational designers, BIM-specialists, architects, sustainability experts, service designers and software developers as needed.

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What we do

BIM – from idea to transformation

White has a long track record of delivering digitalised building projects and processes. Our BIM services provide leading BIM expertise and solutions to the most complex challenges to help you reduce waste, realise more business value and to digitalise for the future.

We offer BIM Strategy and Process Management, BIM Coordination, Digital Twin Services and Reality Capture Solutions that take the value of reality capture to the next level of business value and sustainability.

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Computational design – overcome complex design challenges at speed

Computational design and updated design processes is the way to the next level of sustainability, efficiency and creativity in the built environment. Our services help you overcome complex design challenges across the lifecycle faster by innovatively integrating design, algorithms and data.

We offer concept design, design development and design to manufacture services. Hire us as computational designers, project managers, coordinators and process developers.

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Digital sustainability

We develop analyses, calculations and digital tools to create and evaluate different design solutions with respect to various sustainability aspects within each project. This allows us to compare alternative solutions in order to identify and support those proposals that will yield the best result; from compliance with building regulations, to tailored solutions for a cutting-edge project.

Our services cover aspects such as sunlight and daylight access, energy consumption, wind comfort, thermal comfort, microclimates, solar cells, climate impact and façade design. We have also developed inFORM – a package of simple digital tools that can be used by architects and other non-specialists alike.

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Visualisation is an important means to create understanding of architecture in early stages and engage and educate your stakeholders – from clients to citizens.

Visualised experiences, immersive to various degrees, interacting with a target audience can be used to market ideas, simulate alternative decisions and pave the way for decisions early on in a project when the possibilities for influencing programme and budget are greater, drive dialogue and involvement, and create understanding of complex solutions and facilitate handovers. A combination of reality capture, 3D, virtual reality and interactive tools such as Revizto opens more collaborative ways of work.

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We help organisations that create and maintain built environments realise sustainable results in projects and overall business through digitalisation, design and data.

Selected work

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