Annual & Sustainability Report 2018

To us, architecture is about creating long-term values. Buildings for various functions, parks where nature can flourish and beautiful environments where people feel well strengthen the identity of a city. With architecture as our tool, we can contribute to sustainable societies and a living planet. Our strategy is to explore, challenge and inspire with evocative architecture.

Changes in our society, innovations and increased environmental impact trigger our business into constantly developing to adapt to new challenges. It takes perceptiveness, insight and the courage to change.
Anna Graaf, Director of Sustainability

Annual & Sustainability Report 2018

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Our actions impact the world

With the long term in mind, we work actively to minimise the environmental and climate impact of our operations. Since 2014, we have reduced our climate impact by 56 % per employee. As a company, we have an important role to motivate both employees and those in our sphere of influence to live sustainable lifestyles. We want to inspire people to work for a better world.


We have a policy to only serve vegetarian meals at activities arranged by the company. We’ve almost reached it: in 2018, 98 % of the meals were vegetarian. This saves 428 tonnes of CO2e compared to non-vegetarian choices. The climate impact of IT equipment and telephones has decreased since the previous year. For the first time, we have calculated the impact of the cloud services we use and they accounted for 8 % of the company’s CO2e emissions.

High energy despite slowdown

A slowdown in the Swedish market was noticeable in 2018. Nevertheless, we experienced an increase in number of commissions. We invested greatly in digitalisation and launched “Our digital office”. The 300,000 sqm New Karolinska Solna hospital project, which has been White’s largest assignment ever, was festively inaugurated in May. The operating profit for the concern amounts to 27.9 million SEK and 53% more new assignments were registered compared to 2017.

Sustainability, our driver and guide

There is no other development than sustainable development. For us, sustainability is a driving force for change, both for the architecture we create and for our business. Sustainability creates long-term values for our customers, for us, for society and for the planet.


We have the will and the tools to drive sustainability issues forward every day. But to make a significant difference, we are dependent on the work we do together. Through our projects we can see that it works; the Climate Innovation District in Leeds is just one example.


Another crucial parameter is to switch to a more circular economy. In Selma Cultural Centre in Gothenburg has a uniquely high recycling rate. We filled the entire 6,200 square meters with 100% recycled furniture and materials.

The Climate Innovation District in Leeds is Britain's largest wooden house area. Here, residents will be able to live without a negative climate impact.

Participation builds trust

Global goal 11 states that cities and communities shall be equitable, safe and inclusive. By involving people of different ages, backgrounds and needs, places can be created for and by those who will use them. How should a space intended for young people be designed? What does urban planning mean for girls? What difficulties do elderly experience in an urban environment? KRUT – A place for Youth at Malmö City Library (film below) is an example, where a norm-critical work process contributes to an environment where everyone feels included and involved.

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