Curiosity Equals Innovation

Research and development

We explore through practice based research and knowledge exchange. In line with the Sustainable Development Goal 17 we believe that sustainable development requires partnerships between academia, the private sector and civil society. These inclusive partnerships are needed at the global, regional, national and local level.

Our participative culture is the starting point for collaboration within the office, with stakeholders and with clients, while our multidisciplinary expertise constitutes a solid knowledge base for creating architecture. By integrating our different disciplines in an even closer relationship with our architectural commissions, we have the ability to unlock new levels of sustainability in our projects making them easier to communicate.

Our investment in R&D is allocated to our research fund, ARQ, and to our internal network for practice based research, White Research Lab. We are also supporting six PhD-students and we have professors and lecturers at Chalmers in Gothenburg and KTH in Stockholm. Over the last years we have developed our toolbox to include cutting edge methods within digital design, new tools for developing physical scale models, new processes for analysis, conception and presentation.

Annual study tours, offered to all employees, are also part of our explorative culture. The theme in 2016 focused on architecture in the Nordic countries.

During 2016 we have performed around 40 practise based research projects in close relation to our commissions. Some of these are:

The "Light-Lab for children" is a public exploration of light and its phenomenon, in workshops, for inspirational learning and sustainable development. In collaboration with Swedish Exhibition Agency and The Gothenburg Opera. The project was awarded the 2016 Environmental price of Göteborg Energi (Energy company of Gothenburg).

In the exhibition "Live. Now. Then." (ArkDes, Stockholm) we explored the role daylight has played in architecture for centuries, and the importance it has for our health and wellbeing.

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"Bee Connected" was a full scale showcase in collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology and c/o City, showing how urban biological diversity and ecosystem services can be integrated in the city centre of Gothenburg.

The "Book about Rågården" (Stefan Lundin) is a condensed version of a long research project about Architecture as Medicine. It shows the importance architecture has on psychical health in psychiatric care.


By sharing our knowledge broadly, we increase the awareness about the ways in which we can contribute while we also can attract collaborators that share the same passion and goals.

We want to be a game-changer. Leading the debate on sustainability in architecture, organising seminars throughout the year and partaking in conferences both locally and globally are some ways we reach thousands of people inside and outside of our branch. In 2016, we presented our work and projects at the UN Habitat Urban Agenda in Quito, C40 Mayors Summit in Mexico City, Ecobuild in London, Venice Architectural Biennale, House of Sweden in Washington and COP 22 in Marrakech, amongst others.

Because of our engagement and knowledge, we are frequently asked to take part in policymaking forums in several branch organisations such as the Swedish and Norwegian Green Building Councils, Sustainable Innovation, Arkus and the Swedish and Danish Association of Architects.

During 2016, we signed up as partner in the Swedish think tank Global Challenge. We are also committed to Fossil free Sweden-the Swedish Governments Initiative for Climate action in accordance with the Paris agreement.

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