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A growing appreciation for architecture’s vital role in creating a sustainable future resulted in an outstanding 2016 for us: we welcomed many talented new people to our offices, won prestigious competitions and continue our studio expansion in London. This puts us in a great position for innovation, including exploration of the opportunities that digital technology offers for engagement as well as analysis.

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Strengthening our commitment to democratic values has become more important than ever. Our responsibility is to help create inclusive and equitable communities in our cities, as they face the twin pressures of greater densification and diversity. Finding an affordable place to live, work and play and travelling easily and safely between them – these are the challenges everyone faces, from London to Stockholm. Our response to these challenges differs from one project to the next, but our presence in London and working internationally gives us extra insight and the opportunity to learn.

We have benefited greatly from a strong market with major investment in housing as well as the public sector. We know our approach must be working, as we have won 33 percent of all proposals submitted to architecture competitions last year, and enjoyed a turnover of 900 million SEK with a 7 percent profit margin. The rewards enable us to invest in the things that we believe in: people, research and innovation. So let’s keep it up and guide new and existing clients towards building a sustainable future.

Our ambition is to create truly engaging architecture with people in focus, inspiring sustainable ways of life. We are confident we will achieve this through our ongoing commitment to research and the refinement of our knowledge and experience.

Our investigations into resource efficiencies – making the best use of light, energy, materials, nature – and the ways in which design can enhance wellbeing are key research areas that will help us achieve effective changes in society through architecture and masterplanning. We are excited by the potential of digital technology as a tool for enhancing citizen participation in planning decisions, as well as optimizing designs and embedding sustainable behaviours.

Looking forward, we will continue to be inspired by the power and beauty of the natural environment around us, the pure magic of Scandinavian daylight and the sensory pleasures and honesty of our favourite material, wood. With these inspirations and our passion for truly sustainable places and cities, we continue to support the principles of the UN Global Compact. We place this commitment at the heart of our company’s activities.

Monica von Schmalensee
CEO / Partner / Architect

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