Good design should permeate through all city spaces. Brovaktarparken takes a forgotten area under a busy Stockholm flyover and transforms it into a sculptural, safe and walkable landscape, enabled by parametric design.

An unexpected encounter

Situated partly underneath a motorway by the Kungsholmsporten buildings on Essingeleden Bridge, Brovaktarparken evokes a feeling of discovery in passersby; an architectural gem in an unexpected location.


Parametric design principles were applied to address the sloping site and level differences. A system of triangular embankments and terraces were created and between these, walking and cycling trails enable a safe thoroughfare for pedestrians and cyclists. The variations between the embankments and terraces change the experience of the landscape for visitors, depending on their position.


An unlikely patch of architectural quality beneath an unassuming city flyover.

Client: City of Stockholm
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Completed 2013
Awards: 2014 Sienapriset
Visuals: Thomas Zaar

The city has received a surprising addition that succeeds in preserving and strengthening the unexpected moment – the feeling of having discovered something different.
Siena Prize jury panel

Concrete pedestrian and cycle paths were cast in-situ.

The terrace levels are planted with tall pine, wild cherry trees, groundcover shrubs and perennials to heighten the visitor experience.

Contact & Team

Sofia Waernulf

Sofia Waernulf

Landscape architect


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+46 8 402 25 55

Jonas Runberger Dsearch
Angelica Bierfeldt Liptak